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Dr. Josh Mitchell

"If your tired of using prescription drugs to manage pain and inflammation, then try Recovery Hubs amazing products. All of their supplements are backed by science and Doctor approved."   


"These products are amazing! Restore CBD Oil and Revive Roll-on are great for my pain and inflammation. Very powerful and fast acting. So glad I found these products."  

Beth T

"Recovery Greens gives me a boost of clean energy I need, without the caffeine, to get through the day. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, it makes daily nutrition easy! Tastes great too!"

Ryan R

"I finally found my favorite greens drink. It has all the essentials in the ingredient profile plus loads of extra goodies and the best thing about it is the flavor. Easy to drink!


"I have been able to get back to my weekly workout routine with NO pain. So happy I found this product."

Tita K

"I have suffered with constant chronic pain for years from various health issues. Finding Recovery Max+ Curcumin has been a life changer for me!"

Clara L.

"Using Recovery Max+ helps alleviate the sorness associated with demanding workouts and daily life tasks. Love this product!"

Mike Penberthy

"I have found great relief from using Recovery Max +, especially after years of competing in the NBA. It also helps with the inflammation, pain, and sleep troubles that I've begun to experience as I get older. I wish a product like this existed during my career, it would have been a game changer in my day-to-day recovery. Also, Recovery Max + is of a higher quality than your usual Turmeric/Curcumin products you find on the shelf at the store, and that’s because it makes the Curcumin more bioavailable. I would recommend this product to any athlete."

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About Us

As an ex-athlete who has personally faced the challenges of old injuries, aging, and trying to stay fit during mid-life, I started Recovery Hub with a strong desire to assist people in living healthy and active lives.

Recovery Hub is a family business, offering a range of high-quality, science-backed supplements that have been carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists...

  • Dr. Joshua Mitchell, DC Valencia Sports Medicine

  • Lisa Pickart Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer

  • Robert Gravette Founder, Recovery Hub

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