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Get Fit and Stay Healthy With The New AI Fitness Tracker

Monitors Heart Rate, BP, HRV

Nudges You To Stay Active & Burns Fat

Helps Set, Track & Complete Goals

Powered by AI and PPG Technology

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Technology That's Trusted By Doctors, Media and Experts

Doctor's Orders

"In a world where the average person sees their health care provider only 2 days per year, I welcome a technology that can help providers monitor them the other 363 days of the year."

Dr. John Higgins, MD

Media Praise

"While there’s no device out there that’ll suddenly make you swole as heck, strapping on a fitness tracker can help you take control of your health in unexpected ways.!"

Buzzfeed Editorial Team

Industry Expert & CEO

"With LifeSync, anyone can monitor their heart health, calories, sleep and more, from the comfort of their home. It's the best new device on the market and truly makes fitness easy again."

Robert G. | RecoveryHub

Forget $300 smart watches... LifeSync works wonders at a fraction of the price

For years, tracking your vital health metrics was difficult, and expensive, for the average person.

You’d need a separate blood pressure cuff, heart rate strap, fitness tracker, and more – or you’d need to visit the doctor every week!

Then high-end smartwatches came around. They were great, but cost a small fortune!

Even to this day, most big brands charge $200-$500+ (with some going beyond $750) for this type of advanced health tech.

That all changes with the release of the powerful new LifeSync Fitness Tracker.

Equipped with Japanese-built PPG sensors, AI tech, and more, it can track all your critical metrics instantly.

...And best of all: you can see it all real-time through the FREE mobile app at the touch of a button!

That makes it perfect to make decisions about your health quickly, set and reach your goals, and share the data with loved ones.

Simply put - this cutting-edge watch is a game changer!

We created LifeSync for that very reason - to make it simple, easy and FUN to get healthy, while relying on the latest tech that our customers love!

...So you can see and FEEL the difference.

But why does LifeSync work so well?

  1. Medical-Grade Japanese PPG: Advanced PPG sensors from Japan work together with Accelerometers and other tech to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and more

  2. Intelligent Step Tracker: Aiming for 5,000 or 10,000 steps per day? The step tracker inside the SmartFit Watch will keep track of your goals, helping you maintain incredible fitness, at any age.

  3. Powerful Engineering: High-end microprocessing chips, including accelerometers that track your activity, calorie burn, and sleep, along with advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips

  4. AI Movement Tech: AI activity technology monitors daily movement, calculates inactivity periods, and gives you a "nudge" when it's time to get moving.

Amazing Technology. Without The Sticker Shock.

Big tech companies make most of the fitness trackers you'll find online. They're usually basic models with a few unnecessary, very expensive features that jack up the price.

At LifeSync, we wanted something that rivaled all the big names, while keeping the best, high-end tech and removing all the features most people will never use. It took a while to get it right but every LifeSync customer now has a fitness tracker that's high-quality, convenient, and works just as well as $300+ alternatives.

Step 1: PPG Sensor Tech

First discovered in the 1960s, this powerful technology from Japan measures changes in blood volume and multiple related health metrics

Step 2: Smart Analytics

Thanks to novel micro processors chips, PPG sensor data is turned into real-time data for Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen and more, typically within seconds.

Step 3: Results You'll Love

The sensor data combines with AI movement tech and more, and gets pushed to your iOS or Android device. So you can have accurate data 24/7 and achieve real results.







Why Else Is LifeSync So Popular?

Our mission is to make it simpler, easier and more enjoyable to get fit and stay healthy. From the high-quality components to our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and AI features, LifeSync's #1 priority is your health.

How Does It Stack Up

Against The Competition?

At LifeSync, we don't cut corners on the latest technology, and we don't charge unnecessary extra fees and monthly app usage fees. It's no surprise LifeSync stands far ahead the pack.

LifeSync Fitness Tracker


Monitors Heart Rate & BP

Monitors Heart Rate Only

Monitors Sleep Quality

No Sleep Monitoring

PPG Sensor Technology

Low-Quality PPG Sensor

AI Movement Tech

No AI Tech

Cord-Free Charging

Requires USB Cable

Free Mobile App

Monthly App Cost

Under $100

Normally $150-$350+

Take Control of Your Health with The New "LifeSync" Fitness Tracker

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90 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Backed By A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The makers of LifeSync are confident you'll love this powerful new fitness tracker like so many others already have.

That's why your order is backed by a full 90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee - or up to 365 days when you stock up!

In the rare case you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact the friendly support team within the guarantee period for a full refund, no questions asked!


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