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Why Is This AI-Inspired Smart Watch Trending in the US? It’s Simply Genius…

One expert even calls it "the #1 best smartwatch under $50!" Order now and save up to 51% OFF.

Tuesday, July 21 ‍
by R.S. Graves

Americans are scrambling to get their hands on a breakthrough AI-inspired smart watch with powerful technology from Japan.

Studies from top US institutions - including American Heart Association, Stanford University, John Hopkins University and others - have shown this technology delivers fast and powerful health and fitness improvements.

In fact, it’s been shown to significantly support heart health and blood flow, while its AI tech increases activity levels up to 70%. A large Boston heart health study even found an 18% reduction blood pressure -- just by using a smart watch!

Best of all, it can seamlessly connect with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth 5.0. So you can have all the info you need at your fingertips and stay on top of your health 24/ 7 – without a prescription or doctor visit.

STAY ACTIVE AT ANY AGE: Stay fit, active and healthy with the touch of a button, thanks to the new LifeSync fitness tracker.

The #1 Best Smart Watch Under $50?

Meet LifeSync: The new AI-inspired fitness smart device that's made with powerful Japanese health technology – yet costs under $50.

It’s ultra-light and flexible, making it perfect for any activity. Yet it's made of a durable scratch and sweat-resistant casing that withstands just about anything.

And it looks amazing on your wrist! Don’t be surprised if friends or even random strangers ask “where’d you get that watch? I love it!

In fact, its stunning features rival brand name fitness trackers & smartwatches that are five times more expensive.

For instance, do you you swim, exercise outdoors, lift weights or otherwise try to stay active? Lifesync has you covered with its rugged, tough shell, and flexible IP67 water resistant band.

Maybe you’re often on the road – whether for work, travel, or just shuttling the kiddos around? You’ll never miss a beat.

That’s because LifeSync links up to your phone in seconds, and keeps you informed of calls, messages, weather, and more. All with the press of a button.

And when it comes to reaching your health goals, you can easily track steps, calorie burn, set activity targets, track blood pressure, monitor sleep, and so much more.

But the real breakthrough is the Japanese 'PPG sensor' technology.

What’s a PPG Sensor and Why Do I Need It?

Ever see the light coming from the back of high-end smartwatches that athletes & celebs wear? 

This is a type of "Green Light" technology - a must-have to track critical health metrics and stay on top of your game.

The official name is photoplethysmography (PPG for short) and it was discovered in the 1960s by Japanese scientists looking for an easy way to keep their citizens fit.

It works by releasing light beams that safely penetrate your skin to “read” what’s happening inside.

WIth PPG, you can measure blood pressure, HRV (heart rate variability), blood oxygen, and blood flow all at once -- without pinpricks or doctor visits.

PPG is normally only found in $200-$500 smartwatches. Until now! LifeSync's engineers found a way to use the same tech, without unnecessary 'bells and whistles' that jack up the prices of competitors. So you can enjoy all the benefits, without the high costs!

LifeSync also includes powerful microprocessing chips, including accelerometers that track your activity, calorie burn, and sleep, along with advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips and a FREE mobile app to track all the data and stay on top of your health 24/7, with the push of a button!


LifeSync's AI Makes It An "Absolute Must-Have"

If that wasn't enough, this will blow your mind! 

After studying the LifeSync Fitness Tracker - experts realized that not only was the technology incredible -- but it was backed by REAL scientific proof.

One study of 7,000 participants published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found this technology increased a person’s average daily step count by 1,850 steps -- helping quickly reduce mortality risk. 

Another study was even more insightful as it showed that over 3,800 participants were able to naturally enjoy a 70% increase in activity levels!

This is possible because LifeSync includes AI activity technology that monitors your daily movement, calculates your inactivity periods, and gives you a "nudge" when it's time to get moving. 

That little ‘push’ is all that most people need, since getting started is often the hardest part! But as the science proves, it's life changing, since moving 70% more is like enjoying a 70% increase in calorie burn, without even thinking about it.

The heart health results are equally impressive. Research from the Framingham Heart Study involving 683 participants with elevated blood pressure showed this tech lowered systolic blood pressure to a normal level (less than 120 mm Hg). 

Cardiologists Love This Tech

Dr. Seth Martin, Director, Advanced Lipid Disorders Program of the Ciccarone Center

“Being more active and changing your habits is important, but it can be difficult. [This type of tracking] gives people information and empowers them to start making changes for heart health.”

How can a watch help with your blood pressure? It's simple, according to top cardiologist Dr. Seth Martin. "This type of tracking gives people information and empowers them to start making changes for heart health.” 

In other words, just by using this watch, your mind "gets" that you're serious about this -- and you'll start making smart health changes naturally. It's no surprise then why experts are calling this watch “simply genius” and “the coolest thing ever!

How To Get Lifesync 51% Off While Supplies Last

Until recently, the only way to get this technology for a fair price was to travel to Japan – or buy cheap knockoffs online. Otherwise, you’d need to shell out $200-$500 for a ‘brand name’.

That’s highway robbery if you ask me – and it just doesn’t make sense for 99% of people that aren’t elite athletes or professionals.

So it’s no surprise why the release of LifeSync Fitness Tracker is sparking so much demand all over America. 

For just a fraction of the cost, LifeSync provides up-to-the-minute health insights and powerful technology, inside a stylish smartwatch that’s sure to turn heads!

Best of all, the team at RecoveryHub (the makers of LifeSync Fitness Tracker) don’t expect you to just take their word for it. They're making it easier than ever to get started, so you can see and feel the results for yourself.

And to make it an absolute no-brainer, they also included a full 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so there’s truly zero risk on you.

"You'll Love It or it's Free!

The makers of LifeSync guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Try LifeSync for a full 60-days and if you don't love it, contact the friendly US support team for a full refund.


Act Now and Enjoy Fast, FREE Shipping

As you might expect, the release of LifeSync (and it's incredible deal) are causing quite a stir on the internet - and the watch is expected to sell out fast.

Best of all, unlike most popular products on social media, LifeSync is 100% American-owned and operated. Qualifying U.S. orders ship fast from their Utah warehouse in just 3-5 business days. 

And if you ever need support, their friendly US support team is a quick email away.

Please note: orders are shipped first come, first serve, and their “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal is quickly becoming the most popular choice (it's perfect for gifts or to get in shape with friends!) -- which means supplies are going faster than usual!

To get started, simply click the big "Check Availability" buttons to see if the product is still in stock in your region. If it's not sold out, make sure to complete your order right away to avoid missing out. Best of luck!


WARNING: Due to recent media exposure, the Lifesync website is often busy. If you click to Check Availability and do not immediately get through, please be patient and try again. All orders made today will receive the 51% + free shipping discount. If you have any trouble completing your order, please contact the Support team at

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